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Exhaust repair and replacement service in Westbury

Your vehicle’s exhaust needs to be in good condition in order to keep your car running smoothly. It not only helps to reduce the emissions produced by your car but also gives you the best fuel economy for running your car, making it cheaper in the long run. When it comes to your car, having vital parts looked after, can help keep it running for longer.

Getting advice on your exhaust

If you’re experiencing problems with your exhaust, bring your car to Westbury Garage and we’ll take a look. We can examine the exhaust for any rust, corrosion and check the emissions. Our team will then advise you on your exhaust and carry out any repair or replacement to get your car running efficiently.

A free visual exhaust check

With Westbury Garage, you can get a free visual exhaust check as part of our vehicle health check. We’ll check the exhaust box and emissions, the catalytic converter, mountings and silencer as well as checking for any leaks or holes. If anything needs to be done, we’ll let you know and can provide you with an accurate quote so you can decide if you want repairs.

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Signs to look out for

When your exhaust is on the verge of failure, there are certain signs that you can look out for. Unfortunately, like most parts of your vehicle, exhaust systems are prone to daily damage. This can happen from external knocks and bumps or from the age of your car or van. In addition to this, shorter distances can cause rusting on your exhaust where moisture doesn’t evaporate as the exhaust doesn’t heat up enough. Tell-tale signs to look out for are excessive smoke, a louder engine noise, any knocking or rattling, any visible holes or a low hanging pipe. In addition to this, black or blue exhaust can be an indication of damage and you should call your local garage to check it out.

When to check your exhaust

As your exhaust is useful for a number of reasons, it is one of the components on your vehicle that is prone to the most damage. For this reason, it is recommended by manufacturer’s and professional mechanics to check your exhaust for damage every 10,000 miles or so. If you’re getting regular services, then you should be okay. But sometimes, if you’re travelling on shorter distances, you might want to have a more thorough check on your exhaust for a closer look.

Keeping your exhaust in great condition

Damage to your exhaust can make running a car expensive. In addition to noise and smoke, a damaged exhaust can cost you a lot more in fuel. Ignoring a problem can cause further damage to your vehicle too, which equals even more expense. At Westbury Garage, we want you to have a car that runs smoothly, is safe to drive and doesn’t cost you a fortune in repairs. What’s more, keeping your exhaust in good condition can also help to pass your MOT. If you spot any visual damage to your exhaust, get your system checked out. Book online for your exhaust repairs and replacements.

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