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MOT preparation and DVSA approved tests

Your MOT inspection is a compulsory test that is carried out on all cars after their 3rd anniversary of registration. It is then required once a year after that. The test is designed to check that each car, van or vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards that are set by the DVSA.

What’s checked during an MOT?

It’s important to remember that your MOT is not a check on the overall mechanical condition or your car, nor can it be a substitute for your regular service. The MOT test checks a variety of parts on your car on the exterior and interior. The tester will check your brakes, the body structure, your exhaust and engine emissions as well as your light bulbs, mirrors, seatbelts and steering. You can always check out the government website or DVSA site for more details on what’s checked too.

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A DVSA approved garage

When getting an MOT test done on your car, you need to use an approved garage to carry out the test. All garages that are approved by the DVSA display the blue sign and have a nominated MOT tester to carry out the test. At Westbury Garage, we can provide an approved test and service from our garage. Our testers go through rigorous training on a regular basis to make sure we give you only the best and recommended MOT test in the area. We’ve got a reputation as being a reliable garage in the area providing MOT testing, so don’t miss out.

Booking your MOT test

With Westbury Garage, you can renew your MOT up to one month before expiry date. The earliest date you can get your vehicle tested is on your current MOT certificate, but normally it is about 28 days before. With that, if you’ve passed straight away, you can get 13 months MOT as the date won’t change either. With Westbury Garage you can book online at any time, call us within opening hours or just pop by. We make it easy for customers to book and get their MOT when it’s right for them. After all, it’s your schedule and your car, we’ll have you any time!

Collection and delivery for an added bonus

For extra convenience, we can provide a collection and delivery service when you’re booked in for your MOT. When you’re booked in with Westbury Garage, we’ll look after you. If you’ve got a busy schedule and would rather your car be picked up, MOT tested and then dropped back to you, we can do it! Just let us know where you would like us to pick it up from and leave us the keys. We’ll talk about payment once the work is done, and can discuss any repairs when they come up. Our team are trained to let you know before doing any work if you need repairs to pass the MOT, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that too. Book with Westbury Garage today for your MOT test.

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