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At Westbury Garage we’ve got the latest equipment to provide high-quality servicing at affordable prices. Our garage is fully equipped with all the best equipment and technology to get your service done accurately and professionally. We don’t just make sure you get any service, you get a full manufacturer service combined with our tailored approach to keep your car running smoothly for longer.

Do I need a car service?

Whilst you can get away with not getting your car serviced, we don’t recommend it. But don’t just take our word for it. Your manufacturer and your vehicle’s handbook will let you know what’s best for your car and when to get a service. In addition to this, having a complete and updated service history can keep the value of your vehicle. We think it’s not just boxes you want to tick but overall saving money on your vehicle can be better for our customers in the long run. By getting a regular service, you can keep a good eye on your vehicle and the major components that keep it running on a daily basis. Small repairs can often go missed if they’re not examined and can cause major damage or expensive repairs further down the line. Therefore, we recommend a service at least once a year to keep your car running and to save you money. Having said that, there’s no legal requirement, so it’s completely up to you.

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How much does it cost to service my car?

The cost of your car service depends on what’s needed. Whether you’re looking for a full, interim or major car service can affect the price of your service. What’s more, if you’ve not got an up to date service history it can mean that you’ll need a major service. When it comes to the price of your service, any additional repairs are not included so you’ll need to make sure you cater for them too. To check out our prices at Westbury Garage, use our online booking tool to not only see prices for each type of service but find advice on which service schedule is right for you.

Getting a quality service

At Westbury Garage, we follow the industry standard checks and procedures as well as adding our own personal touch. We’ll examine your car as well as find out about you and how your car is used. Your annual mileage and the age of your car can determine the level of service we offer. We’ll make sure any synthetic oil is used if you need it and we’ll always stamp your service handbook to keep you up to date. This also makes sure that your warranty is preserved too! As a reminder, your service price only includes the service itself (plus our added attention to detail) but any repairs will be extra. However, if we do find a problem, we’ll contact you immediately with our recommendations before adding any additional costs to your bill.

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