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New tyres, fitting, balancing and puncture repairs

At Westbury Garage, we don’t just provide repairs, we also can help your car look as new. We provide premium and budget tyres for all occasions as well as fitting, balancing, wheel alignment and puncture repairs.

Tyre repairs

When your tyres need repairs, it’s not as easy as you might think. Repairs to your tyres need to reflect the British Standard which defines limits to location, sizes and the number of repairs on one tyre. Therefore, when you suffer from a flat tyre or a puncture, we need to check it out before we say we can repair the problem. If we can fix it, we will, but in most circumstances the best and longer-term solution is to change your tyre for a new one.

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Tyre fitting – budget and premium tyres

We can supply a wide range of new tyres to suit your budget. Whether you’re looking for the best branded tyre to suit your exact specifications or a budget version of the same, we’ll do our best to get it for you. We normally recommend a mid-range tyre at best to make sure you get longevity out of the tyres on your car. The aim being, a higher quality tyre will last you longer.

Damage to your tyres

Unfortunately, damage to your tyres can happen by just a small knock. Tyre repair should only be attempted with a thorough check and within the recommended standards. The types of damage that occur to your car can be caused by age, deterioration, objects on the road and fault or poor previous repairs. In addition to this, a knock to your wheel alignment can cause your tyres to wear unevenly, which can mean they need replacing before the recommended time. If you’re worried about your tyres, just get in touch and we can visually check your tyres before making a judgement call.

Getting the best quality for your car

When it comes to your new tyres and any repairs on your vehicle, at Westbury Garage we make sure you get the best quality for you. We use original manufacturer equipment or equivalent when it comes to repairs so when it comes to your tyres, we’ll match the specifications. In addition to this, we’ll make sure your tyres meet your budget. Whether you need specific premium tyres, a mid-range higher quality tyre or a budget tyre to keep you on the roads, we’ll do our best to get what’s right for you. We do always recommend a higher quality, as in the long run, it will save you money and have to be changed less. However, we tailor our services to each individual so let us know if you’re looking for something else when it comes to your tyres. Book online or contact us today for your tyre repairs, replacements or just some simple advice.

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